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What is Sofosbuvir?

sofosbuvir / ledipasvir is a newest medicine, a polymerase inhibitor which has been approved for the treatment of patients with genotype 1 and 4 chronic hepatitis C. sofosbuvir / ledipasvir is the first FDA-approved scheme which can be prescribed without treatment with ribavirin or interferon. Research studies have stated that in addition to being highly efficient it also has a relatively low toxicity. More than 1500 participants with genotype 1 hepatitis C took part in one of the clinical studies. The course of treatment lasted over 12 weeks. When the therapy course was completed, the primary goal of treatment was reached in 1456 patients – the virus was eliminated. Adverse effects which occurred during the treatment with sofosbuvir / ledipasvir were mild and mainly comprised headache and fatigue.

How Sofosbuvir works?

Sofosbuvir in combination with ledipasvir target specific proteins involved in the process of virus replication, thus suppressing the disease progression.

When to use Sofosbuvir?

sofosbuvir / ledipasvir has been invented to fight chronic hepatitis C and to be used as a peroral combination anti-virus therapy. The medicine can be successfully administered to HIV-coinfected patients with cirrhosis. In certain cases sofosbuvir / ledipasvir may be prescribed for the medical treatment of patients who can’t be treated with Interferon for any reason.

sofosbuvir / ledipasvir, therefore, is currently one of the most promising medicines created for the treatment of hepatitis C. Its efficacy and safety has been evaluated and proved by six clinical studies involving circa 2 thousand of patients. The use of indian sofosbuvir + ledipasvir as part of combination therapy instead of Interferon which is known to cause certain adverse effects will significantly improve the quality of life in patients suffering from hepatitis C.

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A new medication sofosbuvir / ledipasvir seen as a genuine breakthrough in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C has recently emerged in the pharmaceutical market. Not only does it have a very high efficacy, but it is also very well tolerated. As part of a standard combination therapy, sofosbuvir can now replace Interferon which is commonly known for causing certain adverse effects and having a number of contraindications. At the moment, it is already approved for use in the USA and in Europe. The medication can be used for treatment of patients with cirrhosis and HIV.

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Sofosbuvir is a new peroral nucleotide analog inhibitor of NS5B RNA polymerase capable of suppressing the hepatitis C virus replication. A number of clinical studies have demonstrated high efficacy of sofosbuvir and the drug’s strong capability of curing patients with hepatitis C within a short period of time. sofosbuvir can be administered only as a component of combination therapy. In some cases, the use of this drug will allow to replace Interferon (which causes a number of adverse effects and has some contraindications) in a standard therapy scheme. As opposed to Interferon, sofosbuvir is much better tolerated. Patients receiving sofosbuvir during the course of clinical studies have reported some adverse effects such as headache, fatigue, insomnia. Those side effects had low intensity and didn’t impede therapy continuation.

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Gilead has developed a new drug to fight chronic hepatitis C. Its name is sofosbuvir / ledipasvir, it can affect specific proteins involved in the process of the virus replication, thus stopping it from progression. Clinic research data gives evidence to the fact that Sofosbuvir effectively cures chronic hepatitis C over a 12-week course or treatment. Along with that, the medicine is well tolerated, which significantly improves the quality of life in patients with hepatitis C. At the moment, Ledipasvir is one of the most promising drugs used for the treatment of hepatitis C.

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